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Split Systems

Split System Indoor unit

Comfort for your own space

Split system air conditioning simply means that the indoor and outdoor units are separated and connected together only by refrigerant piping and electrical wiring. There are 2 configurations of split systems:

  • The Single Split
  • The Multi-Head Split


Both Single split and Multi Head systems use inverter technology for energy savings and climate comfort, and are reverse cycle, for cooling in summer and heating in winter.

Sizes from 2kw for small rooms such as bedrooms to 10kw for large open plan living areas.  All units are supplied with easy to use remote controls.

custom air multi head unit

Inverter Systems

An inverter is a type of split system air conditioner that incorporates a variable speed compressor. These versatile systems are available in either ‘single’ or ‘multi’ split models for heating and cooling.

Advantages of DC inverter power control

DC inverter power control uses its full capacity at startup to cool or warm quickly. As soon as the set temperature is reached, it precisely adjusts current frequency to prevent temperature fluctuation and energy loss. DC inverter power control gives you greater comfort!

Multi Split Systems

Multi split systems allow the connection of multiple indoor units to the one outdoor unit.

Multi Split systems can also be Inverter Drive, which allows variable capacity control and extremely low running cost.

Multi Split systems have many innovative design features, are compact and combine the power of outdoor units with the whisper quiet delivery of air from the indoor units.

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