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Ducted Systems

Ducted Daikin Inverter diagram

Custom Air Conditioning provides a wide range of quality fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems, for Heating and Cooling. Just like split systems, ducted systems are available in energy efficient Reverse Cycle Inverter technology.

An Inverter system is a more advanced technology that means uninterrupted comfort and significant energy usage reductions for you. It gently increases or decreases the power needed to achieve the desired temperature without wild fluctuations or 'blasts' of hot or cold air.

Ducted air conditioning is best suited to the requirements of multiple rooms for both heating and cooling. These systems feature zone control to allow the selection of certain rooms, such as bedrooms, to be isolated when not in use. Controls are clear and simple with most systems compatible with your home WiFi to navigate the mode and temperature settings from anywhere in the home.

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Sales & Installation

Ducted house

Custom Air Conditioning operates from industrial units in Arndell Park (near Blacktown). We do not waste our customers money paying rent for retail space; at the same time we are afforded sufficient room to ware-house the duct, fittings and other materials essential for the smooth operation of our installations. We have a working showroom available to view the different types and brands available. So, if you are after Ducted Heating or Ducted Cooling, come and visit our showroom and get a better understanding of what goes into the design of your reverse cycle system.

Components that make up the system are on display, including a range of air diffusers. We invite you to contact us or call in. We won’t bore you with the messy details or techno-babble of air systems on this site; however, if you want to know more, just request we send you an E- Brochure on the product that you are after.

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